Options for giving

You can give towards our NZ Mission work, International Mission work, Care Fund or Building Fund.

DCBC mission work (default option if you don’t specify):

Money given to New Zealand Missions is used to run DCBC and its ministries in New Zealand. This provides the resources used for a wide range of ministries, such as those for children, youth and young adults, for home groups, for reaching out into the community around us, for training and leadership development and for evangelism. It also provides the funds to pay staff, rental of buildings, electricity and other administration.

International Mission work:

Money given to International Missions helps support the evangelistic ministries DCBC is involved in around the world, which includes supporting our overseas missionaries and the work they and others are involved in beyond our borders- currently in South East Asia, the Basque region of Spain, Sarawak, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Care Fund:

Money donated to the care fund is used to help people in need by providing emergency food supplies and to provide urgent financial help along with budget advice.

Building Fund:

Money donated to the building fund will be used to build our new church centre on the land we have purchased below Lookout Point, Dunedin. Donations to the building fund go into a separate bank account with the 02 suffix.  06 0901 0131729 02


Note: It is important to clearly label what fund you are giving toward when you make a donation using any of the methods below.

Please make sure your offering donation number is included under the details to appear on the payees’s Bank statement under Particulars.

Donations that are not specified automatically go into the NZ Mission fund.  If you wish to make donations to other DCBC funds, or to split your donation between several funds use the following codes followed by the amount of your donation in the Code and Reference areas:-

NZ  (New Zealand Mission)   IM  (International Mission)   CF  (Care Fund) BF  (Building Fund)

e.g. If your tax receipt number is 999 and you want to make a donation of $100, with $50 going to NZ Mission, $30 to International Mission and $20 to the Care Fund, the details to appear on our (payees) bank statement should be:-

 Particulars                               Code                                           Reference